AKA discusses his cooperation with Costa Titch



AKA has responded to some of his fans’ burning questions, and he is doing everything he can to get back on his feet.

The celebrity chatted with YPM about his latest collaboration with DJ Ankletap.

AKA and rising star Costa Titch just released a joint album, and it was well received by both fans.

People wanted to know what he went through with all of his issues this year on his first music, but he thought summer was back and he needed to change things up, according to the super mega.


“The first music that people wanted to hear from me was after I went through all my stuff this year and whatever you know. People probably wanted to hear me talk about all that stuff but I felt like yo – summer is back!” AKA said.

The musician claims that he wants to get the fun stuff out first and then focus on the somber stuff on his upcoming album later this year.

“I can’t come out all sad and heavy. Let me get the jiggy stuff out the way. You know do good vibes and everything. Obviously later in the year, my project is still going to come out. And then I’ll deal with all of that heavy stuff. You know what I’m saying?”

He also gave a shoutout to Costa Titch for sticking by him in the tough times. “Also credit to Costa because when everything happened we had to put everything on hold. It was like eix, is Kiernan going to sink or is he going to swim?”

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