Enhle Mbali – I assisted in the creation of Black Coffee



On her new show, Voice, Enhle Mbali discusses her marriage with former husband Black Coffee in greater detail.

The actress stated on a recent episode that she was not a victim in the marriage.

She went on to say that she was instrumental in the development of the international DJ, but that their dream to remain together forever has come to an end.

“I’m not a victim. Even though at times the pain may feel that way or has felt that way, I am not a victim. I am a woman who helped build her man. I am a woman who created a shell to protect her family even though my name was splashed all over newspaper, thrice four times a year, it’s okay, I have lived through it and you have watched me publicly heal, hurt, create success of myself. Take nothing and turn it into something.”

Despite being labeled a wealth digger, the actress claims to have created a lovely existence out of the negative stories about her.

“Even when there was a thousand fingers pointing untruths at me, here I am…I have turned this narrative that doesn’t belong to me, a gold digger, the mean woman who wants to take everything from this man. I have turned all of that and turned it into something.”

Enhle thanks the people who spoke up for her and counseled her during the difficult time.


“I couldn’t have done most of what I have done without your experiences. I see my inbox, I get the texts from women I have never met who’ve been through similar situations, the women I walk past in the street who say, ‘babe i wish i had the strength you had. You are doing the right thing never feel like you’re doing the wrong thing.”




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