According to the report from TVC News information gathered that the Emir was Kidnapped along Kaduna road  Abuja highway.


Hassan Attahiru, the Emir of Bungudu in Zamfara state, has been kidnapped.


The first-class chief was kidnapped on the Kaduna-Abuja route on Tuesday evening.


During an exchange of fire with the bandits, a police officer was alleged to have been slain.


NEWS FROM TVC According to reports, only the emir was kidnapped in the convoy, while some of his guards were injured.


His Majesty the King Hassan Attahiru is the emir of Bungudu in Zamfara state’s emirate.


Kaduna police have yet to remark on the event.

The event occurred on Tuesday at Olam Factory, a few kilometers from Kaduna state, according to a security source who spoke to the reporter.



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