Nigerian Police arrested 3 most wanted Bandits of Bethel’s Baptist school students



Three kidnappers of Bethel Baptist School pupils have been apprehended and paraded by police.

The three were clothed in military fatigues. According to one of them, 27 of them stormed the school with heavy machinery.

May God continue to reveal these nefarious criminals known as bandits. Here are the specific.

Mr MBA stated that there are the three most wanted Bandits among the others ,who have been Kidnapping people

Ishaku Lawal, Muazu Abubakar, and Adam Bello were their names, according to him.


The individuals were apprehended by Special Tactical Squad personnel, according to Mr Mba (STS).


“Investigations by the Police team revealed how the principal suspect, Muazu Abubakar a.k.a Datti ‘m’ 27 years, conducted surveillance on the Bethel school and strategized with his other gang members before attacking and abducting the students,” Mr Mba added.


The pupils were abducted in Kaduna schools for the fourth time in the previous several months as violence in the North-west and North-central states has worsened.


According to reports, the abducted children’s parents had to pay a large ransom to get their children back, albeit no one has confirmed this.

Mr Mba said in an Abuja statement on Thursday that the apprehended suspects told him how they operated and that they were responsible for multiple highway robberies along that axis.


They were also found with firearms and ammo, according to the authorities.



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