Gov. Sanwo-Olu of Lagos reacts after witnessing Jim Iyke at a Lagos event. it was event that took place in Lagos State Government House in Ikeja for the Lagos SDG Youth Alliance on Friday, September 10.

there was a recent online viral video of the governor Sanwo-Olu with veteran Nollywood actor Jim Iyke  at the event that took place in Lagos State House in Ikeja.

During the event the Gov Sanwo-Olu was moving around to greet some of youth that were present and eventually see the actor he was like Shock and  surprise immediately he sees him.


The young people were arranged in rows so that the governor could simply wander around and see everyone. When Sanwo-Olu arrived at the location where Jim Iyke was standing, he yelled and pointed at him in disbelief.

To the amusement of the other kids, he went on to praise the actor and brand him a “bad guy.” Sanwo-olu joked that in all of Jim Iyke’s films, someone must die and then resurrect.


Well, the actor is known for his harsh roles in films and for thrashing individuals who insult him in real life as well as in movies.



Take a look at the video below.





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