How To Transfer Android Xender App To Another Android Phone Without Using The Internet (Wifi And Bluetooth)

Xender File Share Application has been one of the most popular Wifi Sharing applications around the world, Xender has made it easy for Android users to share their applications, videos, photos, and more. Without wasting any more time, let’s get into the topic of how to share Xender Application to all Android users without Internet, all you need is a Wifi connection to download the Xender Application and start sharing your media’s applications, videos, photos, and more.

What I like best about the Xender App is that it is compatible with the majority of the most popular smartphone operating systems. Blackberry, iPhone, and Kios are just a few examples of smartphone operating systems. However, this topic is solely applicable to Android devices.


How To Share Android Xender Application To Another Android Phone Without Internet



  1. Android phone With Xender already Installed on it
  2. Another Android phone Without Xender application installed on it ( This is the One you are to send the application)
  3. Browser (preferable Chrome and UC browser)


On the Android phone where Xender has already been installed,

  • Step 1 Open the Xender application.
  • Step 2 Look for an icon in the top right corner of the screen and click it. It will display items such as Connect PC, Connect KIOS, Scan Connect, Share Xender, and Phone Copy.
  • Step 3 Select Share Xender from the drop-down menu  (The next phase will show you how to share the Xender application using Bluetooth, Hotspot, WhatsApp, and Text Message. You can use Bluetooth to find the phone to which you wish to transmit the Xender application, or you can use.)
  • Step 4 Choose Hotspot, which will turn on your phone’s hotspot immediately.
  • Step 5 connect two Android devices to the same network.


There are two things to consider about here. The first is the name of the hotspot, and the second is the IP address, which is or can change as the case may be.


  • Step 6 on the phone 2  go to your phone’s settings and turn on WIFI, then connect to the same WiFi as the first Android phone. After a successful connection, Recommended: Open your phone’s browser Use Chrome for this guide because that’s what I’m using.
  • Step 7 Click Go after entering the IP address or as the case may be in the URL field.

The browser will direct you to a location where you may download Chrome for free without having to use the internet. When you click download, your browser will automatically download the Xender app to your phone.

You can now install your Xender by using your file manager or File Explorer to locate the downloaded Xender in your downloads folder, or by checking your download page in your Chrome browser.


How to Share Xender Via  Bluetooth


as early stated follow the step 3 on the the previous discussion

  • Step 1 Click on Bluetooth and switch on the Bluetooth other phone
  • Step 2 select the Bluetooth name and accept it
  • Step 3 open File Manager on the other phone and locate Bluetooth folder and install your Xender


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